Change: First Generation College Students Zine

The Process :

I reached out to the CMARC advisor and she helped me contact all the first generations at Carnegie Mellon. Through her, I interviewed people via Google Surveys. If they left their andrew ID, I reached out to them via email and asked if they would like to send in photographs to get a portrait. I then drew them out with a sharpie, put it through photoshop to color correct the image, and then put it through illustrator to get a vector file and smooth out the lines, and then composited the zine through a combination of illustrator and photoshop.

I was looking for to create an intimate look and I couldn’t figure out the typography to do so. I resorted to making my own handwriting into a font. I also pulled the main color from CMU’s logo and created a color scheme based on #c41230. 

The Zine:


PDF Download:


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