Change: Contextual Analysis

People who eat meat for every meal

  • Many different races, but often Indian people eat less meat
  • Eating/cooking meat can be seen as macho so possibly more men than women
  • People generally don’t think about the fact that they do this
  • Consider vegans and vegetarians “preachy” when they bring up issues
  • Some people think what they are doing is a problem but feel that it would be too hard to change
  • Think that the only food vegetarians eat is salad, quinoa
  • People with less money may eat more meat because fast food is mostly meat
  • Veganism and vegetarianism could be perceived as luxurious, upper-class hipster trend
  • People don’t want to think about what the animals go through – when they are forced to they’re skeptical, doubt whether animals even have feelings, etc.
  • Impossible to broach the subject without seeming annoying
  • PETA gives animal rights activists a bad image, people associate animal rights activists with violent naked protesters
  • Think it’s all or nothing, don’t consider just eating LESS meat
  • Beef is a very inefficient industry and incredibly bad for the environment
  • Is the hatred/mockery of vegans a form of defensiveness?
  • Food would be more expensive if animals were treated better – moral dilemma. What’s more important, humane treatment of animals of affordable food

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