Change Contextual Analysis

Group: Asexual Community

  1. Feeling of invisibility (not well known group)
  2. “Ace” shorthand for Asexual, “Aro” shorthand for Aromantic
  3. Definition from – Asexual: Someone who does not experience sexual attraction.
  4. Definition from – Demisexual: Someone who can only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has been formed. This bond does not have to be romantic in nature.
  5. Definition from – Gray-asexual (gray-a) or gray-sexual: Someone who identifies with the area between asexuality and sexuality, for example because they experience sexual attraction very rarely, only under specific circumstances, or of an intensity so low that it’s ignorable.
  6. Aromantic: Someone that doesn’t experience romantic attraction
  7. hetero-/homo-/pan-/bi- romantic (romantic attraction separate from sexual attraction)
  8. Online Presence  (asexuality forum)
  9. “I’d rather eat cake” (than have sex) – cake as a sort of inside joke on forum (though it may not apply to the whole community)
  10. Occasionally asexual elitism on forum
  11. Arguments of asexual definition even within the community
  12. Small group even within LGBTQIA+
  13. People sometimes go long span of life without knowing what asexuality is, even if they’re asexual themselves
  14. Some people feel broken before knowing “it’s a thing”
  15. Subgroups within the community (asexual, gray-asexual, demisexual, aromantic, gray-aromantic, demi-romantic)
  16. Very diverse experiences (some adverse to physical contact, some have sex)
  17. Misconception of definition outside of community (asexual, like plant reproduction?)
  18. Misconceptions of spectrum (some people do/don’t want to date, some do/don’t have sex, etc)
  19. Some people wear black ring on their middle finger
  20. Asexual flag colors – black, gray, purple, white
  21. Asexual Awareness Week – more about spreading awareness than celebration

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