Change Context Analysis

Twitter and Twitter Users:

  • Of all different backgrounds
  • Is more popular among younger people
  • Is host to many news sites, companies, etc that use it for advertisements
  • Often becomes a battleground for political/social arguments
  • Is a huge online platform
  • People are less wary of what they say when assuming an online presence
  • Twitterbot doesn’t have to be announced as a twitterbot
  • 140 character limit
  • Can post pictures
  • Through hacking can access what other people say and respond
  • Hashtags are used to label things
  • Hashtags are used by groups for connecting
  • Hashtags are used to promote issues
  • Hashtags are used to promote everything else too
  • Hashtags are also used for jokes
  • Scrolling can be pretty mindless
  • Has a “trending on Twitter” box
  • Has a direct message option
  • Has a weird sort of news section called Moments
  • Through following, messaging, posting, and hashtags, can become an online community
  • Tailors its suggestions and other things to your history and follows
  • Has a search bar for “Search Twitter”
  • Can have credit cards and shipping registered with Twitter
  • Allows outside sources such as Temboo to access information
  • Probably has a long and confusing and questionable user agreement thing

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