Camo – Nick

In this project I wrapped myself in outwards-facing duct tape, and rolled around Point Park in order to create a location specific camouflage. A few people interacted with me, questioning what I was doing, including the Park Ranger, but none of them were too concerned. I stopped collecting more camouflage once no one talked to me for about 10 minutes, after both rolling and jumping around.

The interaction stopped once I was covered in sufficient things, maybe because I became invisible, or more likely because I became muddier, sweatier, and crazier looking.

While the primary piece was the interaction (and implied hope for a lack of interaction) with the public, I'm also interested in the leaf/mud/gravel coated duct tape remnants as an art object. It's an interesting "image" of a spot, and I can imagine multiples of the dirty duct tape bunches from various locations as an installation.

Unfortunately the original location I chose was under construction when I returned, but the reason I pivoted to Point State Park was because there is a lot of space to roll around, there were people there, and although it's not fully fleshed out conceptually, I feel like there's a military connection in this project and the Point was a military base.

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