Bad Replicator

In this video, I'm seeking to capture the feelings that I was able to express while living on my own that I can't express here -- separated from many of the people around whom I felt comfortable.

This video is comprised of three different public domain stock videos: a pastoral scene, a scene from a 20s romance film, and a scene from a 1960s exploitation film. Nature to me is representative of complete freedom (along with it being something that I also have little access to back home the way I did in Pittsburgh). One video representative of the incredible tender, romantic impulse and another representing a more sadistic and sexual impulse travel through the screen in opposite directions.

They briefly meet in the middle before passing again out of view.

The audio from the first video plays overlapped with the audio from the second. A woman sings about memory and imagination as a whip cracks over and over. This, to me, is a video about romance.

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