Intervening Online

Project Due: See Syllabus or Canvas

In this project you will select a digital space to inhabit regularly over the course of several weeks and create an intervention in which you perform, participate in, subvert, or disrupt while responding to the specificity of that space.  You will be asked to start regularly recording yourself inside of the space - experimenting and planning your disruption/performance/intervention in the space. After doing contextual analysis by making 3 gestures for homework in a space that you are interested in working within, stage your final intervention in your chosen digital space and record it using screen capture software (or a series of still images or a website if this makes more sense for the space you are working in).

We will discuss what constitutes a “digital space” in class, but this could include online spaces like massively multiplayer online role-playing games, chat rooms, Twitter, Craigslist, online forums, Amazon Mechanical Turk, dating sites and many more. We will look at many different strategies and approaches by other artists in class to get a sense of what this might look like.

Contextual Analysis:
To prepare for your final project, you will post at least 3 images (screenshots) of you doing 3 different gestures (act) in a multi-user online space to the Project #3 Contextual Practice assignment in Canvas. The action you decide to do is very open, so long as it responds to the specificity of the digital space you select. These gestures do not have to relate to what you do ultimately for your final project.

Submit a proposal outlining which online space you are interested in making your work in and what the nature of your performance/intervention/participation in the space will be. Write up your final proposal as a roughly 150 word text, with additional images or diagrams if you need them. Address where you will work, what you will do, how you will do it, and why you want to do it.  Proposals should be turned in on Canvas and will be discussed in class.

Final Project:
Work on and complete the project. This will mainly be done outside of class, with one-on one meetings with your instructor. This is a chance to discuss and support the progress of your projects.

Final project documentation can take on a number of forms depending on the nature of the space that you are making work in. Your documentation may manifest in the form of a series of screenshots, video or an independent website. The documentation should be accompanied by an approximately 500 word contextualizing artist statement. Post this to the class blog, categorize as “Online Intervention”. Submit a link to the website to the Canvas Assignment page for grading.

Link for in-class performance exercise instructions here.