Project Due: See Syllabus or Canvas

Choose a public site/context as a place to make work. Make sure it is a place off-campus in which you are truly interested to make work. For example: the Pittsburgh Port Authority bus system, a Starbucks (not on Craig Street), Nine Mile Run, Andy Warhol’s grave, Braddock Public Library, a Dollar Store or Market Square. Propose a site-specific creative response or intervention in that place.

Contextual Analysis:
Make a contextual analysis of the place. Consider the various aspects of the location: its history, function and ambience. Hang out and take notes on all the systems you recognize as you analyze the site and the people who use/occupy the site. Break down your research into two main categories, the physical and the social. Make list of at least 10 physical and 10 social traits of the site to present in class. You can add drawings and photographs if they are helpful to you. Using the contextual analysis as a starting point, determine which aspects of the site, physical or social, are most intriguing to you.

Design a project that responds to the physical and social traits that you defined in your contextual analysis as MATERIAL to work with. Think about the people who use or pass through the site, and how you might engage them aesthetically, poetically, politically or otherwise. You might consider accentuating, amplifying or transforming some existing attribute of the place. You might wish to reveal some hidden aspect, or to add something new, or to animate the site by performing or collaborating with it.

Write up your final proposal as a roughly 150 word text, with additional images or diagrams if you need them. Address where you will work, what you will do, how you will do it, and why you want to do it.  Proposals should be turned in on Canvas and will be discussed in class.

Final Project:
Work on and complete the project. This will mainly be done outside of class, with one-on one meetings with your instructor. This is a chance to discuss and support the progress of your projects.

Final project documentation should include no more than 3 images and/or 5 minutes of video, accompanied by a 500 word max. contextualizing artist statement.   Post this to the class website, categorize as “Place”. Submit a link to this project post to the Canvas Assignment page.