Pittsburgh Venue Visits

For this element of the course you will be required to travel off campus. The intention is to introduce you to creative venues and initiatives that are particular to Pittsburgh’s cultural life. Students will be presented with a list of places of interest, and will be expected to visit at least 10 of those places during the semester. To get you all off to a good start, a bus tour has been organized for Saturday February 1st. This tour is considered to be a mandatory part of the course. It will include at least 6 of the listed venues. If there is a valid reason why you cannot take the tour, you will be required to visit the same or equivalent 6 venues in your own time. Each venue will account for 0.5%. Visiting a total of 10 or more venues will earn you a maximum of 5% for this course component. Except for the bus tour, you will be required to produce photographic evidence of your various visits.

List of Venue Locations

Map to Venue Locations: