Project Due: See Syllabus or Canvas

This project emphasizes social interactions with a group of people or a person. ​You will move away from the general passive audience dynamic in public space (sculpture on a lawn that people see when they walk by, sign on a door that anyone can read) to a more participatory dynamic. Choose a specific group of people or a prompt for creating new communities or frameworks for participation. Create a project that engages an audience as potential viewer, recipient and/or integral creator of a mutual work of art.

Sensitively consider the implications of the project for the individuals and groups that you are working with and be mindful of the power dynamics, benefits, and potential consequences that come out of their engagement with your project.  Perhaps you will work with people you find in a number of contexts - your commute to school, the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium, Bike Pittsburgh, food trucks, the gym, etc. Although you may choose to work with a pre-existing group, this project may involve the creation of a new group.  You may also opt to create your project with one or two of your classmates.

Contextual Analysis:
Complete two of the contextual analysis forms for this project for two separate possible participatory projects. The forms will ask you to consider what group of people you want to work with or what group you want to create and answer the following questions: Why are you interested in working with or forming this group? What is and/or will be your relationship to them? What are some of the qualities that define this group? Why would these people be interested in participating in your project?

Write up your final proposal for your participatory project. It should be a roughly 150 word text, with additional images or diagrams if you need them. If you do choose to work with your classmates on this project, provide descriptions for what your roles will be in the project. Address where you will work, what you will do, how you will do it, and why you want to do it.  Proposals should be turned in on Canvas and will be discussed in class.

Final Project:
Work on and complete the project. This will mainly be done outside of class, with one-on one meetings with your instructor. This is a chance to discuss and support the progress of your projects.

Final project documentation should include no more than 3 images and/or 5 minutes of video, accompanied by a 500 word max. contextualizing artist statement.  Post this to the class website, categorize as “Participation”. You will additionally submit the link to your website post to Canvas for grading.