Asexual Love Locks



Above shows the front and back of 5 tags I’ve made. The tags have an illustration on the front and back, and are attached to a lock that will be secured on the bridge of love locks near Schenley Plaza. There’s a lot of misconceptions on what it means to be Asexual and the nuances that come with the identity. My illustrations are meant to allude to the diverse experiences within the community, from the responses they receive when they come out, to their preferences in regards to dating and relationships.

I got the stories for these illustrations from people I know personally and people from the online forum on In separate sub-forums I asked “Anyone have a coming out conversation with a significant other? Was it a crush, or someone you were already dating, and how did it go?” and “If you’ve come out, how did you explain being aromantic when you came out?” On one side of the lock’s tag, I had the illustration of the conversation, and on the other side I had a character made of the word “ME” saying how they identified (either generally on the asexual spectrum, or if they were specifically aromantic asexual).

The bottom includes my username on instagram that shows all the illustrations I’ve made for this project. In my instagram’s bio is a link to, a website that is very informative to definitions within the asexual spectrum.

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