The Art Role Playing Game, or ARPG, community of deviantArt, is an extremely niche and unintentionally exclusive one. An “ARPG” is some mixture of MMO, breeding sim and forum game, with the unique mechanic that in order to progress in the game, you must create or otherwise accumulate art of your characters. The games have a heavy focus on collaborative storytelling and pushing players to improve their artistic abilities.

The community itself is formed by dozens of these games and their players. There is no central hub of information, no front page, just 20-30 various games that are more or less interconnected. Entering the community can be daunting, as it can be difficult to understand the community as a whole’s intentions and etiquette, while the games themselves offer only page after page of rules and lore in explanation.

To combat this, I have started an Art-RPG Wiki. It has three main goals:

1. Provide a concise introduction the concept of an ARPG, and the common mechanics and terminology used in one.
2. Create a catalog of all existing ARPGs for new and old users alike to browse
3. Provide a brief summary of each ARPG so that those unfamiliar with the game can grasp what it’s about and its basic mechanics before they spend the time sorting through its pages of detailed rules and information.

This way, the site will serve as a resource for newcomers and experience players alike, by providing reference and documentation for the community as a whole.

I wanted to provide this resource because the community has a unique view of how games can be played: how players can interact with one another and how they can contribute to and influence the game around them, as well as how seemingly separate games can intermingle and all become part of one massive, quilted story. While there may be flaws in how these concepts are implemented within the community, I think that these ideas are important and potentially influential to other realms of game-making. By providing an easily-understood resource, the concepts become available to many other people, both to attract new creators to the fold, or to influence creators in other realms.

Thus, I started this site and wrote several introductory pages of information, and a couple in depth game summaries to serve as templates. I then posted a call to arms  (of sorts) within the community, asking everyone who wishes to add what they can. I will continue to build on what is already written myself, as well as continue to ask members to contribute. I have already received a few member edits, and hope that as more people see it, more will continue to contribute.

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