allegheny cemetery


i walk in the cemetery very slowly on roads coated with the salt of the earth my head wondering if maybe they are crystals

i notice a few other things:


that collections of people gather near tables at the entrance of the cemetery,

that there are so many birds, that remind me of mythologies where they are the very creatures that carry souls to the afterlife,

that some graves are more prominent than others, some gravestones have spines that are completely entangled with the earth's spine, not visible at all from a distance ,

that there is a pool of water that reflects the sky, when i am here two people sit on a bench and they rest,


and so, i leave

and i return,


with around two dozen clementines,


fabric (clearish red and a light mud shade),

many bird seeds,

a tiny crimson pot,


placing them

on surfaces of earth



bright clementines: offering to the living hungry visitors or to the spirits?

seeds: offerings to the living hungry birds, or to the birds that carry the souls or are they the same beings?

the little pot made of paper pulp with a branch i found near the table: honoring the physical place, or someone buried in the ground, or God, or gods?


someday, it will be -

rotting clementines

absent seeds or seeds dispersed by the wind or covered with earth

some paper pulp that used to be a little pot


can this be an offering too?

ps. i am in a place with poor wifi, so the images are .having trouble loading. for all the images, please look at

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