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For my online intervention, I looked into the modelling culture on Instagram. I have noticed many of these beautiful young models getting sponsorships and brand deals as long as they post a picture of themselves using/posing with the product. Often times, in order to reach a wider and younger audience, these models will pose in very sexual to attract viewers. Thus, modelling in Instagram has become an industry and bigger, more well know brands are taking most of the spotlight, pushing lesser brands away.

I want to address the issue where only beautiful people and trendy brands take center stage on Instagram, by creating my own “finstagram” using just average looking people (in this case, male models, because none of my female friends agreed to be photographed like this) modeling with lesser brands. Each participating model was given a prompt which involves bringing a random object of their choice and perform the most seductive pose they can. The photos are then taken and edited in the styles of various Instagram models, and the accompanying captions are also included with the advertised company tagged. Hashtags are also added for authenticity. I did run into limitations with this project, most if not all of models are hesitant about putting themselves on the internet; therefore, I could not make the Instagram account public for all to see. To remedy this, I went ahead and bought fake likes from online to make this fake business seem more legit.

Besides criticizing the commercialization of Instagram, I also wanted to use this project to challenge the conventional idea of beauty (ie. extremely slim, tall, muscular, nice hair, handsome) on social media. While they can be visually appealing, the average person will not be able to personally relate to these models, and ultimately this can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. As someone who suffers from poor body image and poor self esteem, I wanted to create a platform where everyone can be included and equally poke fun at each other.

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