Administrative Belongings

Administrative Belongings is a participatory project involving administrative staff at various offices at Carnegie Mellon University.

I engaged with these individuals by not asking them the questions they are trained to answer, or questions that give me information, and instead asked questions that elicited a personal story or narrative.

This project aims to showcase the stories behind the objects we choose to display in our office spaces for our own comfort, out of habit, because it is required by the university, and so on. Of the staff selected, all participants were women. The first face you see, the face you may overlook… because most days they simply contain the answers for information seekers who so desperately need their questions answered. In this project, they are given a chance and space to break free of their typical office role. Through this positive engagement, the cold barrier of “Us” versus “Them” or “Me” versus “Stranger” is broken.

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