_________________ by Katherine Cao and Irene Weng

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This project is a collaborative effort in which 13 different people were asked to write a story by building upon the previous person’s writing. Afterwards, the story was split according to its contributions, and the snippets were given to both artists and non-artists to illustrate. The end result was compiled into a zine and put in the Carnegie Library.


Tom is a normal guy, with a regular job, a house, and a dog. One day, he decided to go to the library to get some new books and movies. But before he could get there, he was stopped by a dinosaur called Dippy. He engaged Dippy in a long conversation, during which time he noticed that Dippy had a rather odd look about him. The fellow finally realized Dippy’s scarf was not quite right, so he rearranged it and Dippy was much happier.

He than journey on, and surpricingly was stop by the “The Flowers” (sic).

“Extolled splendor!” said a voice over his shoulder. Now just what the heck was THAT supposed to mean? Dare he look? Dare he ask?

He turned around slowly and as he did so he saw a ghastly shadow peering from behind the bushes. “I’m your great, great, great grandfather Levi. I lived here over 200 years ago. Yes, in this very spot, and I planted these flowers. I had the seeds sent all the way from France. And that is where the story of your amazing bloodline begins.

“See you’re actually of royal blood, but a tragedy in the family left me bouncing around Europe until I came along a family of horticulturists who took me in.”

Curious about his family, he went to the library and began to look up his family tree and his herritage (sic). And then a transformer comes along in a Jeep Wrangler (sic). He just found out that he was related to a dinosaur named Dippy.

Researching genealogy can be a challenge, as can finding parts to aid a friendly transformer. Tom and his new friend ventured off to see what they could find, perhaps a sports car could help towards their next answers. But first a bite to eat.

Tom asked, “Hey! What do transformers eat anyway?” Tom, at this point, was open to pretty much anything.

“Oh, I’m pretty adaptable, a scone and a black coffee is my standard fare with humans.”

So they sat down at the coffee shop and soon were busy stirring and chatting about the meaning of existence. To have an ancestor that grew flowers then a more primative (sic) ancestor that ate them made Tom wonder what his fate was. As he pondered his path, a library patron shuffled by wrapped in a huge muffler, pulling a wire basket crammed with periodicals and tattered paperbacks.

“Pushin’ up daisies, pushin’ up daisies,” he mumble/chuckled. “That’s your future, that’s all you are.”

Tom turned to look at the mysterious mystic but no one was there. Tom went back to the flowers, the ghost was gone. He went to Dippy, and found out the scarf was gone, too! Then, he saw the scarf. It was caught on something, but what? He tugged on the scarf and saw a… rolled up scroll fall to the ground.

It was a long-lost will for an enormous tract of land in Scandinavia, with Tom’s name on it! He went home feeling especially happy that night, and planned to claim his inheritance the next day.


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