61C News

This project is a continuation of the project completed for the Place assignment. I interviewed 61c workers and customers in order to get an understanding of why they enjoy visiting and/or working at the cafe. Because a few of the workers are students themselves, some of the questions revolved around student life and work life balance. These interviews were casually and quickly done. They were done in person when they were on shift but relaxed at a table near the counter. One of the interviews was by a part-time manager, who is not currently a college student, but two were done by current college students and workers.

To further the participation, I worked on the resulting collation of interviews in the cafe itself. Eventually, I created a 61C News information sheet, closely resembling the ubiquitous Coffee News franchise that is often at these types of cafes (61C does not use Coffee News itself). On this infographic I included excerpts of the interviews that I thought were interesting, and to reveal a closer look at the workers themselves.  I asked for their input as I was structuring this infographic, and I structured the resulting publication around their feedback. The final stage of this was printing out this pseudo-publication and sitting it on the table I normally sit at in the cafe. I had permission by the management to place them here. I also placed a couple of copies in a relaxation area right down the street off of Murray Avenue.

Excerpts of the conducted interviews can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xm2vnL6FTpUAjOfaD85JeMiwD14bxpTP8WnwfxpW4WM/edit?usp=sharing



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