Participation Project (First Iteration)

Over the weekend I finalized my designs for the postcards that I will have my participants write their messages on. I decided to add the phrase “‘hello there’ from Pittsburgh,” because I feel that it’s appropriate to the project (as my postcards will truly be from members of the Pittsburgh community).

I also put more thought into the “gift” that each contributor will receive in return. I don’t want to write them a postcard because I would like to keep the process more impersonal from my side (after all, if I were to purchase a manufactured card from a card store, I would not be asked to give a sentiment in return). However, in keeping with the idea of the participant as the mechanism of manufacturing, I am considering giving them each a postcard to take with them, so that they may also write one to a significant person(s) in the future.

However, I have not tried to ask anyone to write a postcard for me as of yet.


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